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7 Ways Pool Heater Maintenance Saves You Money

With a heated pool, you swim whenever you want, regardless of the weather or time of day. Which makes heating your pool one of the easiest ways to extend your swim season.
By keeping your water warm, you get more time in the pool, and the convenience of on-demand comfort – when you want it.
But what happens when your pool heater stops working?
The water gets cold and all of that convenience quickly dissipates into the air. But it doesn’t have to be that way.
There’s one simple thing that you can start doing now to prevent that from happening:
Maintain your pool heater.
Regular pool heater maintenance keeps your heater running at peak performance year after year. And it’s the secret to maintaining the best energy efficiency, which keeps your monthly heating bills low. But those are just some of the benefits of pool heater maintenance.
In this post, we explore all of the ways that regular pool heater maintenance helps you save money and swim more. So keep reading to discover why it pays to service your pool heater each year.

7 Ways Pool Heater Maintenance Saves Time & Frustration

1.) Reduces the need for repairs

The better maintained a piece of machinery is, whether it’s a car or a pool heater, the fewer repairs it needs over time. By keeping your pool heater in good shape, you reduce the wear and tear that comes with normal use.
During a pool heater maintenance service, every square inch of your heater is inspected, tested, and cleaned. This ensures consistent, high performance. At the same time, a tech inspects the heater for any potential problems – offering solutions that help you avoid big expenses later.

2.) Helps you avoid major expenses

While reducing the need for simple fixes like sensor replacements is great, it’s being able to prevent the bigger issues that make pool heater maintenance worth every penny.
With age, essential heater parts can die out or malfunction. And sometimes, replacing certain parts, like the compressor, costs almost as much as replacing the heater. That’s not an ideal situation to find yourself in.
Thankfully, pool heater maintenance helps you avoid all of that. It checks and tests those parts, ensuring they stay in great shape.
Think of it like this: What’s more affordable?
Regularly changing out your oil?
Or replacing your whole engine because you never changed your oil?

3.) Extends the life of your pool heater

Most pool heaters, like gas and solar, last less than 10 years. Pool heat pumps, however, can last twice as long.
And that’s because maintaining a pool heat pump not only keeps it running strong. It extends its lifespan too.
The better a heater is maintained and serviced, the less wear and tear it experiences. And the less wear and tear, the fewer repairs it needs. In other words, regular maintenance equals a longer life for your heater.

4.) Helps pool heater maintain the best energy efficiency

Heat pumps offer some of the most energy efficient pool heating available. But over time, all pool heaters lose effectiveness. Parts get dirty, sensors stop working correctly, and energy use gets heavier to keep up.
Fortunately, regular pool heater maintenance prevents your heater from ever reaching that point. It keeps everything clean and serviced, working exactly how it should, which lets your heater run with the best possible efficiency. And that means continuous energy savings throughout your heater’s lifespan.
Hundreds of dollars in energy savings – all gained by simply keeping your pool heater in good shape.
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5.) Costs less than replacement

You know what costs much more than a quick, yearly pool heater checkup? Replacing an entire pool heater.
Like almost 30x more.
So why not just keep the heater you already have in good condition? At just 5% of the cost of replacement, you can keep your current heat pump running flawlessly year after year.
Think about it:
A pool heater you have to replace eight years from now? Or one that works for the next 20?

6.) Pays for itself by keeping costs low

As you know, the less you maintain a pool heater, the less energy efficient it becomes.
For instance, during the first year, it might cost you $100 a month or less to heat the pool. But a few years later, without maintenance, that same heater might cost closer to $150 a month. Soon enough, you’re paying hundreds more in heating costs compared to when you started
That jump in energy demand?
None other than the effect of regular use without upkeep. Something you can prevent So why deal with unnecessary, added expenses when you can avoid them entirely with regular maintenance?
That small fee you pay for yearly pool heater maintenance saves you thousands in cheaper heating bills for the months to follow. It’s a little investment that gives back over and over.
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7.) Ensures that your pool STAYS heated

Image via Flickr
Heating a pool for the first time is always the most expensive. And that’s because it takes the longest since, after all, you’re warming up thousands of gallons of cold water.
With that in mind, consider that any time your pool heater stops working for any reason, you need to start over. That means reheating all of that water, yet again. There goes another jump in the energy bill.
But again, this isn’t a reality you ever NEED to face.
The secret to heating a pool efficiently is simple: keep the pool at a constant temperature, warming it in small spurts. It’s much cheaper than completely reheating your water each time.